SportLadder w/ Kids and Ladders DVD


Flat bottom rungs.

Weight: 6.00 lbs
Watch the video clips by clicking the video tab to see the SportLadder in action!
The Oncourt Offcourt SportLadder is the answer for those who like the concept of the flat ladder. The SportLadder has flat-bottom rungs to minimize slipping if accidentally kicked, but the rungs are also rounded on the top to guide athletes to pick up their feet for ideal movement biomechanics.  Rungs are 18" apart and 16" long.  This 30-foot ladder comes in 2 parts and is brilliant yellow for increased focus and intensity. 
Includes highly durable zipper case along with Joe Dinoffer's action packed "Kids and Ladders" DVD.  ($29 value FREE)

"Rounded rungs encourage proper heal lift while running.  If athletes kick the ladder, it's a sign that they need to raise their feet more.  For safety, perform each exercise alongside the ladder first.  Flat ladders may sound like a good idea, but raised ladder rungs develop much better movement skills!"

-Joe Dinoffer


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Simple but durable
Posted by Mark Schminke on 03/13/15
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City, State or Country:  Myrtle Beach, SC
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This ladder is perfect for agility training. The rounded spokes make the student lift their feet. Much better then the flat spokes that students can be sloppy with footwork. This ladder is durable. I've used mine for 7 years on hard court and it still is intact.
Good and fun
Posted by Sat Jiwan Ikle-Khalsa on 10/21/13
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City, State or Country:  Takoma Park, MD, USA
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Quality seems like it will hold up for years. I used to make chalk lines, but this is a significant and valuable improvement. I am using this with adults and kids (and myself). Great practice and workouts for both, and the kids LOVE it. Races, games, creating new patterns. A great, but active, break from swinging the racquet.
Coaching Apprentice
Posted by J Lamont Kent on 06/16/12
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City, State or Country:  Nashville,Tennessee
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I am currently working 10 & Under tennis camps in the Philly-Delaware area under the supervision of Coach Steady Eddie Gilmore, PTR 3. We use the ladder with a combination of cones & hurdles. The Coach makes up exercise patterns (different everyday) & then forms Teams A & B. The kids love the team competition going thru the different exercises. With the footwork drills they are having fun competing with each other. The ladder exercises are only limited by your imagination. And is also great for warming up.
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