Quick Feet Donuts

Quick Feet Donuts

15-inch donuts are perfect for footwork, movement, positioning, and split-step guides.

Weight 3.14 lbs
Watch the clip by clicking the video tab to see the Donuts in action!
Quick Feet Donuts are uniquely manufactured for their weight, anti-slip & dirt-resistant qualities.
Best in the tennis industry!

Each set of 6 consists of 2 red, 2 green, and 2 yellow Quick Feet Donuts. Perfect for all tennis as well as physical education classes from elementary through high school. Use Quick Feet Donuts for footwork, movement, positioning, and split-step guides. They are a great tool for organizing group lessons as well as keeping players a safe distance apart. 

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Perfect For Footwork
Posted by Liz Odera on 05/07/13
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We find the doughnuts great for warmups for 6 years and below, who ind the colors especially interesting. The doughnuts haev also fitted in really well for plyometric and footwork drills for the Under 13 performance kids, a handy tool.