Tennis Score Tube

Tennis Score Tube

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Now you can use old tennis balls to keep score! The Tennis Score Tube fits right over standard net posts, attaches to the net, or hangs on a fence. Installation is quick and easy. Stainless steel clamp to secure to net post or net is furnished. Hooks are also supplied for fence mounting. Easily sets up in seconds with no parts to rust or break. Made of durable sealed plastic in the USA. Includes game numbers 0 to 7. Tennis balls not included. 42" long, 3 1/4" diameter.


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A good value
Posted by wk on 10/01/11
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This scorekeeper is simple and affordable. Nowhere near as nice as the Scor-Post Pro, but it's 1/2 the cost. Since it uses a hose clamp for permanent mounting, it is not suitable for quick mount/dismount storage (like school courts) situations.
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