Swing Speed Radar

Swing Speed Radar

Measures swing speed.

Weight: 4.00 lbs

Watch the video clip by clicking the video tab to see the Swing Speed Radar in action!

Fast swing speeds deliver more power. It's what improving competitive athletes are looking for in all sports like tennis, golf, and baseball. Now there's a way to measure your speed to provide a baseline for improvement!  The Swing Speed Radar is compact and works easily and accurately with the touch of a single button. It can be hooked to a fence or mounted on a tripod for tennis or baseball and set on the gound for golf. Ultra slow speed and calibrated video analysis tests in tennis on Pete Sampras' first serve show that a swing speed of 90 miles per hour produces a ball speed of 120 miles per hour. This results in a ratio of swing speed to ball speed of 1:1.35 mph. This is the first device to offer comparative measurements of how each player can optimize their swing speed on all shots!

In the detailed images above, you can see Teaching Professional Ross Duncan, who submitted a photo showing the Swing Speed Radar extended up from a teaching cart to help his students with their serves.

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Tennis Coach
Posted by Mike Espinosa on 02/07/12
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City, State or Country:  San Diego, California
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If you want to hit with power in tennis, you need a fast swing speed in your strokes Great training tool to give instant feedback on measuring swing speed!
Great teaching and training aid
Posted by John on 06/18/11
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City, State or Country:  Corpous Christi, TX
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Everybody wants to hit with more power. The Swing Speed Radar is unbelievably helpful for all playing levels. You get immediate feedback. Easy to use for all strokes. Really like this product.
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