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Outpost Model 250 Outdoor Display Board

Outpost Model 250 Outdoor Display Board

Outpost Model 250 Outdoor Display Board
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Bulletin board and message center.

Note: In the busy spring season, lead time on the Outposts is about 2 weeks.

Weight 56.00 lbs
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Our price: $495.00
Overweight/oversize: Add $25.00 to regular shipping.
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The Outpost Model 250 Outdoor Display Board is the definitive answer among bulletin boards in terms of price, appearance and durability.  All Outpost Models are constructed of environmentally friendly recycled plastic.  This maintenance free material will not rot, splinter or crack and never needs to be painted. The Outpost is an easy, maintenance-free way to post items outdoors. Features include weatherproof exterior, plexiglass sliding doors, a cork display area, and a rust-free aluminum door track.  For a name sign to promote your facility see related products below. 

 All Outpost models come in light brown (pantone 7531c), green (pantone 5535c) black or white, and can be mounted on a wall, a fence or on posts.  For mounting accessories see related products below.
Outpost Model 250 dimensions: 48 x 34 x 5.36 Shipping Weight: 56lbs.  Because of the size and weight of this product, there will be an additional $25 shipping charge.
Outpost Model # Dimensions Shipping Weight
50 24"(w) x 27"(h) x 5.38"(d) 24 lbs
150 48"(w) x 27"(h) x 5.38"(d) 46 lbs
250 48"(w) x 34"(h) x 5.38"(d) 56 lbs

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